Bug LoggerPro3

Bug Report on the console:

thread: 0x99ccba0 main.cc main(169) : Ubuntu 12.10: 3.5.0-18-generic

Working dir /home/jalmer

Top Level Folder: '/usr/local/share/LoggerLite/'

Our runtime support folder is: /usr/local/share/LoggerLite/Linux/VSTSupport/

Loading dialog resources from: /usr/local/share/LoggerLite/Linux/Support/Languages/en-US/IDD_REPLAY.txt

thread: 0x99ccba0 GUtils_Linux.cpp OSSetCurrentDirectory(547) : Implement me!

thread: 0x99ccba0 GMBLDataCalibration.cpp ComputeNumPlacesFromCalibration(236) : CO2LMGL returns equal values (1) when applied to 0 and 5.

active kernel driver on device 0x99c79a8

GSkipBaseDevice.cpp(405) :

Skip reported an error over the wire. cmd sent = 20h. cmd returned = 20h.

Loading dialog resources from: /usr/local/share/LoggerLite/Linux/Support/Languages/en-US/IDD_SENSOR_SETUP_CYCLOPS.txt

thread: 0x99ccba0 GMBLBrain.cpp DoCollectionUIUpdate(5115) : Collection Ended

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Screenshot Bug

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